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Mena Gold Co,
Manufacturing Gold & Jewellery

(Established in 1980)

“Gold is part of your life”

Dear Customer,

1st of all I great full to you enter our web site. since 1980 me Established as 40 square meters area work shop; 15 employers. From that time with professional experience, I reached best standard.

Now my business takes new face. working only in metal, design become key and the creative process is even more closely linked to craftsmanship. As culture becomes more important in jewellery, Mena gold jewellery are becoming part of the art market. Every day we build the heritage of tomorrow.

Our direction , now is focused on jewellery for woman of today. We learn all, we can about how they live, work; how they experience social life.
Jewellery today is about expressing individual femininity and personality. We ready to face future with the modern jewellery.

Assad Abdalla Boctor.


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